How to activate HolidayActivities through Wonde

This article explains how to activate the Holiday Activities platform when logging in via the school's Wonde account.

Step 1

To activate HolidayActivities through your Wonde account, please select your school using your school's name or postcode at 




Step 2

You'll then be asked to enter your email address. Please note: you need to be an administrator in your Wonde account to gain access. Please contact  if you're unable to log in. 



Step 3

Wonde will send an email that contains a secure login link, enabling you access to your Wonde account. 



Step 4

You will then see the pending HolidayActivities tile that you need to click on approve. Once approved you'll then be logged into your HolidayActivities account where you can order your vouchers.



See step-by-step to sending your vouchers here

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