How to add admin users on HolidayActivities if they do not have access to Wonde

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This help article explains how to grant a staff member access to, without granting them access to the school's Wonde account.

Step 1

Please ensure that your school's Wonde admin has successfully launched the HolidayActivities platform. If your school is yet to do this, we have a help article (located: here) which walks you through the process.

Step 2

Once HolidayActivites has been activated through Wonde, the school's Wonde admin can contact and provide the names and email addresses of any staff they would like to grant access to the school's HolidayActivities account, without granting access to Wonde.

Once received, our Support team will action the request as soon as possible and notify the school's Wonde admin once complete.

Step 3

Once our Support team have added the new admin users internally, they will then be able to log in to the school's HolidayActivities account directly, via

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