How to action cancellation requests

This article explains how to action cancellation requests and how to remove attendees.

Step 1

When a parent wishes to cancel their booking, you will receive an email with cancellation request. Click Login to action this.

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Step 2

This will take you to your account. Select the three dots on the right hand side of the relevant activity and click View activity.

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Step 3

Scroll down to the attendee list and, in the status column, you will see Cancel requested. Click the three dots on the right hand side and select Approve cancellation.

Please note: you can accept multiple cancellation requests at a time by ticking the tick boxes on the left hand side for any that state 'cancellation request'.

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Step 4

To approve the request, click Yes, approve it. If you do not wish to accept the cancellation request, you can ignore the request and contact the parent through the details entered on their booking form. 

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Step 5

Once you have approved the cancellation request, they will appear as Cancelled on the status column.

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