How to resend a parents voucher

This help article will help explain step by step how you can resend a Holidays Activities voucher to a parent. 

Please note: you can only view UNCLAIMED vouchers. If the voucher has already been claimed, please ask the parents to log into their account at, in the same way they did when they claimed the voucher.

If they cannot log in to their account, please ask them to contact


Step 1

Log in to your school account and click View Assigned Vouchers.


Step 2

Find the voucher for the relevant child and select the three dots on the right hand side.


Step 3

Click View voucher link.


Step 4

This will then display the URL for the voucher which you can click to copy. You can then paste this link into an email and send to the parent. They will be able to open the link and access their voucher. 



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