How to link multiple vouchers to one account

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If you have more than one child that you have been sent vouchers for, you do not need to create separate accounts for each voucher. This article explains how you can link multiple vouchers to the same account.


Step 1

You will receive an email with your Holiday Activity voucher, click View activities. Screenshot

Step 2

You will then be taken to a page where you will see your voucher. Select Continue with email.


Step 3

You will then be asked to enter your email and click Sign in. After this, please check your email inbox for a magic login link.


Step 4 

Once you have received your login email, select Log me in.


Step 5

You will then be taken to your vouchers, here you will find any vouchers that are assigned to you. 


Step 5

To link another voucher to your account, please follow steps 1-4. You will then be able to see both vouchers alongside each other on the voucher tab (as seen below).


Step 6

Alternatively, if your voucher is not automatically appearing, you can select the option that states Click here to manually add them.


Step 7

Select to view the voucher from your emails that you wish to manually add. You will find the voucher code in a white box.


Step 8

Copy the voucher code and paste it into the box that appears when you select Click here to manually add them on your vouchers page. Select Submit.


Step 9

Once you have added the voucher code, it will appear with your other assigned vouchers (as seen below). You can then click on any voucher to view the available activities and book the eligible child onto the activities. 


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