How to setup an activity to use multiple credits for one day

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Activities will automatically use one credit when using a voucher, regardless of the length of the activity. If you have been instructed by your local authority that one credit can only cover a four-hour session but are looking to create a longer activity, please follow the steps below;

Step 1

If this is your first time creating an activity, please review the guide below and complete steps 1-10.


Step 2

Create a course with two sessions on the same date, with the times split between the two.

Please note that the times cannot overlap or the pupils will not be able to book on!

For example, if the session is 09:00-17:00, the times should be split into one activity 09:00-13:00 and another 13:01-17:00.

Step 3

Please follow the remaining steps in the guide below to complete the activity.


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