Your dashboard

The dashboard can be used as an overview of all vouchers ordered, redemptions and bookings. It can be used to track individual HAF schemes as a whole or a specific time frame. 

Live Statistics

The live statistics can be used to boosting parental engagement, maximising the potential redemptions and bookings. This tool allows you to monitor and track the engagement levels of individual parents or guardians. By accessing this information, you gain insights into the levels of parents booking activities and identify potential gaps for additional comms to be sent out. 

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Voucher Reports

The voucher report displays all vouchers assigned, by the schools within your county, to eligible children, the parent details. The report will either show the direct link to the voucher itself or the status 'claimed' this means the voucher has been accessed and therefore the link is no longer accessible to anyone other than the parent. 

There are multiple functionalities when viewing the report; 

  • If you are looking for an individual child/recipient you can use the search function to search for this individual.
  • You can view all assigned vouchers through the dashboard and can filter this by organisation and claimed or unclaimed.
  • Alternatively, you can download the report as a CSV file.

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