How to issue HolidayActivities vouchers as a local authority

This article explains how to issue HolidayActivities vouchers as a local authority.

Step 1

If you are logged into your LA account, you will need to switch to your voucher account. Follow these steps to switch accounts:

1. Click on Your account in the bottom-left corner
2. Click on Switch account
3. Select your voucher account

LA Voucher Account_0006_Switch Accounts.png

Step 2

Click Select applicable students.

LA Voucher Account_0004_Select Applicable Students.png

Step 3

Click Download CSV template.

LA Voucher Account_0003_Download Template.jpg

Step 4

Please enter the required details in the table and then save the document as a CSV file (please google this if you are unsure as it varies depending on the program you are using). You do not need to provide a phone number if one is not available, however, you must input an email address.

LA Voucher Account_0002_CSV File.jpg


Step 5

Drag your file into the box or click Browse and find the CSV file you just saved. After this, click on Upload File.

IMPORTANT: If there are any errors in your CSV file, it will not upload. Please see the top tips at the bottom of the article which may explain why it is not uploading.

LA Voucher Account_0001_Upload.jpg

Step 6

Your CSV file will be uploaded and vouchers will be assigned to eligible children.

LA Voucher Account_0000_Children Uploaded.jpg

Top Tips

  1. Make sure the headings do not contain capital letters. 
  2. Make sure you upload the file in CSV format. 
  3. No spaces before or after text or between numbers. 
  4. No extra punctuation or special characters other than full stops or @.

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