How to manually add an attendee

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This article explains how to manually add an attendee to an activity when using the HolidayActivities platform.

Step 1

Select the three dots on the right hand side of the activity you wish to manually add an attendee to and then, View activity.


Step 2

Select Add attendee.


Step 3

Choose the dates you would like to add the attendee on to the activity for, this can either be multiple dates or one. Then, select + Next step.


Note: If the attendee has a voucher, you will need to know the voucher code in order for the attendee to be ticked as a funded place. If you do not have a voucher code, the place will not be funded until the voucher code is entered. To find out how to add a voucher code after adding the attendee, please see step 7.

Step 4

Next, complete the form with all the information required to add the attendee to the activity. Once completed, select + Book attendee.



Step 5

The attendee has now been added to the chosen dates. You will find them listed on your attendees. 


Step 6

To add a voucher code after you have already added the attendee, select the three dots on the right hand side of the attendees name and select Apply voucher. You will then be able to add the voucher code and select Apply voucher.


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