How parents are prioritised on Holiday Activities

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This article explains how the HolidayActivities platform organises parent details when pulling through from the school's MIS.

The voucher system orders parents based on (in this order): 

  • Court Orders
  • Priority

Any parents/guardians with an attached court order will be ignored by the HolidayActivities platform and will not be selected to send vouchers to. After disregarding all parents/guardians with court orders, the parent down as the highest priority on the school's MIS.

If you would like to manually switch the parent a voucher is sent to, please follow this guide and take note to Step 5:


We pull the data directly from your MIS so if the information showing is incorrect, you may need to amend these details in your MIS. Once updated, please let us know and we can run a manual update so this pulls through.

If you have changed any contact information in your vouchers order, this is not remembered for future orders. 

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