How to order HAF vouchers through

This article explains how to order HAF vouchers through the Holiday Activities platform.


Step 1  

Log into your Wonde account


Step 2

Click on the Evouchers HolidayActivities Banner on your dashboard



Step 3

You'll then be taken into your HolidayActivities account where the HAF scheme will show, please click 'Select applicable students'.


Important: the following screen may show if we're syncing with your school data, it shouldn't take too long, but please email if you continue to see the message. 


Step 4

You will then be taken to the screen below. All free school meal-eligible children are automatically selected for this programme. 



Step 5

Please check the parental contact for each student and use the switch parent button to select a different contact. The toggle can be used to send vouchers to non-FSM students, simply search for the student and turn the toggle on.

Please check your Local Authority's criteria before assigning vouchers to non-FSM students.



Step 6

Once finished, click 'Assign vouchers'



Step 7

Your vouchers are now confirmed and will be sent on the scheme start date. Please note that this may be a date in the future if the Local Authority has requested all vouchers to be sent on the same day. you are able to make additional changes and send vouchers to more students by clicking 'make additional changes'. 



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